Upcoming GO Gatherings: 

July 6th and July 20th at 6:30pm.  ALL invited. ALL welcomed! 


AUGUST 10th we will be CELEBRATING FIVE YEARS of Grace Outrageous Ministry! Join us at 4:30 at the American Legion Shelter House in Hedges-Boyer Park. We will have games, fun, and food! GO will provide plates, cutlery, napkins, bottled water, and meat.  PLEASE BRING a SIDE DISH to share. We will eat at 5:30. Stay tuned for more details! 


We just finished collecting women's clothing for The Findlay Mission. THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO DONATED! 

The July Outreach is SOCKS FOR VETERANS.  Please bring new, in the package, socks. These will be donated to the Veterans of American who will distribute them to displaced Veterans. 

In honor of GO's 4th Birthday in 2016, donations were made to three ministries; local, broader, and global. $100 was donated to IMPACT, the new after school high school program offering tutoring, classes, and social support. $100 of toys were donated to the Toledo Children's Hospital's Child Life Program (pictured are Sharon, a Child Life Specialist and Grandpa Bob, a volunteer). $200 was donated to our Living Well Fund that is now at goal and a much needed water well will be dug in a third-world country. THANK YOU to all who faithfully give to our Outreach Ministry Fund. We are small but we are mighty! God honors your giving and multiplies it in His Kingdom. This ministry is never without need because of YOUR commitment to 10% tithing before any expense is paid. 


Remember that our GO space is available any time if you need a sacred space of quiet & prayer. See Pastor Tress for more info.

STAY TUNED:  More outreach opportunities are always being scheduled!

A vital mission of GO is to be faithful stewards of the provisions God has bestowed. Of the tithes and offerings that come into GO, 10% is automatically, every week, put into the Outreach Ministry Fund. We tithe what is tithed! Below is a summary of what has been received into the OMF and paid out to a wide variety of ministries, both local and global. It is amazing what a small group of faithful people can do! THANK YOU to all who help this ministry transform the lives of God's kids! 

                 IN             OUT

2012     1513.10       677.02

2013     3372.61       3052.16

            2014     2266.81      2890.18

            2015     2214.99      1786.35

            2016    1626.05     2318.02

            ●Total      $10,993.56           10,723.73