This monthly publication offers some words of challenge and encouragement from the pastor, a get-to-know-you from a Gatherer, a bit of teaching, and a Bible reading plan... and whatever else we might want to add! Thank you for joining us on the journey! 

"...I’m tattooed. I enjoy a good glass of dry red wine and an ice cold hard cider. I listen to Pink Floyd and ACDC. And rockin’ Christian music. I’ve been married and divorced. More than once. I’m loved by many fellow wounded warriors of this earth and frowned upon by some fellow religious people. Occasionally, the F-bomb escapes my lips when there just seems to be no other appropriate word. I’m a pastor who adores God, doesn’t always follow Him well, and is passionate about bringing all God’s kids home to Him. I love to laugh. And to love. I’m a mom, grammie, sister, best friend, and sinner. I’ve broken all 10 commandments. And I STILL have the divine image of God imprinted in my soul...."

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