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Mission Statement

To live Grace Outrageously in the nations as we serve in faith and love through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Grace Outrageous Ministry is determined to think outside the box! We are continually reading, studying, and observing the cultures around us and asking ourselves “how can we bring Jesus to this particular group of people?”

Vision Team

Sharon laugherty, alexandra kinney, beverly henry, sharon faris, amy kinney, pastor tress reed, joshua kinney

Sharon laugherty, alexandra kinney, beverly henry, sharon faris, amy kinney, pastor tress reed, joshua kinney

GO is powered by a Vision Team – a collection of people who exemplify God’s creative diversity of His children’s personalities, talents and gifts, as well as represent the reality of various personalities, backgrounds, and life experiences. Just as the first disciples were real people seeking to live out their devotion to the Savior – all the while succeeding, making mistakes, and yet continually pursuing the goal Jesus set for them to “Go and make disciples of all nations” – these modern day disciples are devoted to continuing that Great Commission. GO’s Vision Team members are dedicated to creating opportunities for all people to engage, live out, and grow their faith.

God put the vision for GO in my heart two years ago. How I thought that was going to be played out and how it actually came to be are actually two different scenarios.
— Tress (via The Advertiser-Tribune)

The GO community is living this out in many ways…

  • GO Gatherings are held on various evenings through out the month. Please see the calendar for upcoming dates.  This is a time to come together as the ACTS church did… to worship, study, pray, and commune together as a means of empowering and equipping disciples to live out their faith in all areas of their lives.
  • Then they take it to the streets! Through monthly outreach events , we seek to live out our faith to those who would never OR have never been inside an institutional Sunday morning church building. These projects include anything from distributing change jars to local unchurched school children for them to collect money for digging wells in Africa, to serving meals at local sharing kitchens, to distributing Jesus birthday cakes at Christmas time to families who have never experienced the love of Jesus, and a multitude of other projects.
  • Founder and Director, Tress Reed,  shares her testimony and her passion through various speaking events, including guest preaching at churches, speaking at conferences, and leading worship and faith discussion groups.

This is a ministry open to all people, of all backgrounds, of all stages of faith, of all ages. Come! You are an invited guest!