GO Gatherings are held  Thursdays at 6:30. This is a time to come and experience the love and grace of Jesus followers. These gatherings are modeled after the powerful gatherings of the Acts church: fellowship, prayer, music, scripture, communion, and discussion. While these elements are always present, we invite creative and diverse ways of experiencing them. This includes:

  • a wide array of music
  • studying specific scripture or being encouraged by a guest speaker
  • quiet individual prayer or collective group intercession
  • an orderly flow of the evening or a jubilant celebration of God’s family.

GO Gatherings ARE open to all people.

  • Jesus followers… OR NOT
  • those “living the dream” and those who are struggling for their next breath
  • the young, the old, the radical, and the traditional.

We simply want to share the Outrageous Grace of Jesus with all people. There is no membership, no list of “you are in” and “you are not”. There is only our commonality found at the foot of the cross of Jesus Christ.

GO IS NOT denominational, legalistic, or perfect. Our vision is to simply be a place that can be a safe harbor in the chaotic events of life, a place to grow in faith, a place to question and experience the scriptures. None of us are theological experts or have all the answers to life. We are people trying to figure life out and share the Grace Outrageous-ness of God with each other.

And after Gathering… We GO!!!   We take our faith and our Jesus to the streets!

The spread of the gospel did not occur by people sitting inside a building waiting for other people to show up. It spread by Jesus’ followers being filled with the power and passion of the Holy Spirit to take the message to where the people lived life. Today that means the campuses, the coffee shops, the workplace, the homeless shelter, the street corner, and the bar… to all the “nations” that are in our own communities, states, nations, and world.