Redeemed Beautiful Family Tree

A family redeemed by the blood of Jesus. God indeed does make all things beautiful and His promises are faithful to a 1000 generations of those who believe in Him.

This picture is living, breathing proof of that Truth. On Thursday, August 29th, my first grandchild was born to my first child. Meagan pushed into this world, Aiden Michael, my precious grandson. Tears spring from eyes just at the typing of those words.

I simply cannot stop praising God for the gift of His own Son, Jesus, my precious Redeemer. Jesus, who patiently wiggled Himself into my heart and soul. Jesus, who accepted and loved this hot mess of a broken young woman. Jesus, who took the wounds and scars  inflicted upon my soul by people who should have known better and brought healing and purpose to them. Jesus, who forgave my own horrendous poor choices and poured his Outrageous Grace over me.

I was already a mother of four by the time my faith journey with Jesus began. I was doing the best I knew how at raising my children; doing much right yet needing to do better. As I healed and grew in wisdom and truth, I began to pray for my children. I began to pray for their souls to be healed where I had harmed them and for them to know Jesus as children as I never knew Him. I began praying for the promise of God that He would bless the generations following those who turned their lives to Him.

My Meagan, my oldest daughter born my senior year of high school. She and I grew up together. She saw many of my poor choices. She helped raise her siblings. She excelled at school, left for college, and dreamed of a family of her own. Her freshman year of college she met Jesus as her own Savior and began to own her faith as her own, not just her mom’s.

I praised God. Thankful that I had not permanently damaged her. God was already keeping His promises. I could see that and I could see my family tree healing. I praised God that my family tree was being redeemed and made beautiful; that addictions and abuses and bondages of sin were being cut off.

Then along came Aiden Michael, born to Meagan and her husband Jeff. I thought I was praising God before? HA! That was nothing compared to now! I am in awe at that photo above.Three generations redeemed and made beautiful by the power of Jesus in our lives. Little Aiden has been born into a completely different family than I was born into; than what his mommy was born into. My heart cries out with joy, with thanksgiving, with testimony to whoever will listen. 

Jesus has the power to change family trees. If He can heal mine, He can heal anyones. It simply takes the courage and brokenness of one person to be laid at His feet. Will you be the persistent one to reach out your hand and touch the hem of Jesus’ robe pleading to be healed? I was and I did. And I will praise His holy name until my last breath. His healing is now my testimony and my ministry.

Will you join with me?