Why Me?

I have just returned from vacation. A time of joy and beauty and family and friends.  As I was spending some reflection time on the plane flight home, this was what I wrote in my journal:

Thank you My God, Creator, and Provider!!! 

WHY? Why did you place me in the place at this time? You've given me so much. I was on this trip visiting your glorious creation, mountains and deserts. 

Some people never see anything but the slums of urban America or the ravages of war. 

I've experienced life. Traveling, flying, hiking, foods. 

Some have only experienced fear and tragedy. 

I've met people with rich stories full of pain, defeat, triumph and joy. People of all shades, coming from various nations and cultures. 

Some people have only met people who harm and oppress. 

So WHY? Why have I been given this life by your hand? So richly blessed? I've had moments of living with out. I've witnessed war, from afar. I've had moments of fear and loss and heartbreak and tragedy.  

But those were only moments. They were not my life. 

So WHY? Why me? 

And what do I do with this life? 

Where I am going? 

I have questions and I know your answers to me these days has simply been...

"Pay Attention."

And I will.  And I will give thanks, embrace the richness of this life, choose joy, and seek the Holy Spirit's eyesight on this world… Who can I serve with what YOU have given me? Who can benefit from these rich experiences and the lessons I have learned along this glorious journey of life, loss, and transformation? 

WHY ME? I have no idea. But I do know that God has a purpose and it is MEANT TO BE SHARED. So I will embrace them. Live them. Share them. Grow and transform in then. And be a servant of God in using them to make a difference in this world.